Poseur Tables –

The perfect compliment to our LED colour changing Cocktail Bars, are these LED Poseur tables dressed with white spandex covers and are lit with high intensity battery operated LED Lights – therefore no trailing wires or cables. The lights are fully controllable and can be set in literally thousands of colours. These aluminium tables are 4ft tall and have a table top of 2ft diameter.

Brightblox Poseur Tables and Plinths –

Our BrightBlox Poseur Tables/Plinths come with an LED light that can produce a rainbow of colours for you to choose just the right colour for your purpose. They can be set up in groups and controlled by remote control on a number of different settings. This product can also be branded and themed!The Plinths can also be used for product display for a photographic shoot or exhibition stand.

Mirror poseur tables and plinths –

Our brand new mirror poseur tables for hire are a stunning addition to any event. They add a sense of elegance to any event, they are perfect for reception areas or standing events.

Standing 108cm tall, these beautifully crafted, mirror-finished poseurs are great for events with standing receptions or bowl food parties, offering an attractive alternative to regular tables. Perfect for adding that finishing touch to your event.